I am a 12-year Independent voter and a former senior contractor administrator with an aerospace company, negotiating with the government and private companies on various environmental contracts.

I am disappointed in last week’s congressional hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal. The purpose was to gather facts; however, each side went into political dialogs and finger pointing before asking their questions, which were slanted to substantiate their particular political agenda. If this were a negotiation or court hearing it would be considered “leading the witness”. Some of the “Yes” or “No” questions can’t be answered without background explanation.

I believe they should have asked their questions without political commentary. “Just-the-facts, ma’am,” to quote Jack Webb (Sgt. Joe Friday) on the 1950s TV program “Dragnet.”

Matt Goetz who, by my search, has never spent a day in the military, made the most vicious verbal attack on four-star General Milley, a 40-year military man with combat experience. Goetz’s attack was despicable and totally beneath the dignity of any office, especially our congress. I think the House Ethics Committee should reprimand him for his disgusting “playing to his base” performance.

I am exceedingly proud of our military generals for speaking straightforwardly and presenting facts and their own personal opinions, as they saw them, and not falling into the political trap. They were way more professional than our congressional members.