We elect people to represent us. Their decisions affect our community forever.

The knowledge they must have. The corner of Palisades and Shea is no ordinary zoning permit request. It’s what Fountain Hills is to many people, in town and out. When you come over Shea and turn at Palisades, that corner tells you that you have found someplace very special.

Development, yes, but what these developers are proposing would have life-lasting consequences that would cost all of Fountain Hills dearly.

We are busy people with everyday living; jobs, family and friends. Not thinking about zoning requests until after the fact. Everyone knows the real facts. If we don’t express our opinions, we cannot object to the results.

There is no way the Town Council and commissioners would not look out for the best interests of all of Fountain Hills. Don’t be known as “after the fact.” The Planning and Zoning meeting is Sept. 12 at 5:45 p.m. in the Community Center.