I do not understand the “support all development” position of the current government of the Town of Fountain Hills.

Some years ago I entered Town Hall and inquired as to whom I should see to question the future possibility of development on a single-family property adjacent to the property I was considering to purchase to build our retirement home. I was directed to the proper department head and, at this meeting, this (now retired) gentleman expressly told me that any further development of this property would/could never happen (not one additional house). I firmly believed that as I sat in Town Hall with a department head telling me this, that it was with the full backing and support of the town government, so we bought and built our house.

The Town is now moving forward with the approval process of a 13-home subdivision submitted by a developer that recently bought this single-family residence with a 31-year-old “no development” deed restriction. The Town of Fountain Hills has now placed the burden, responsibility and cost of stopping this subdivision on the shoulders of myself and other affected citizens, to battle with a developer with millions and a battery of high-powered attorneys in his pocket.

Not very fair, is it? Why has the new government at Town Hall abandoned its citizens in favor of big development? In the near future, we will become Scottsdale Heights, and the dot that was added to the state map in 1975 will be forever erased.