A preliminary plat was submitted for a subdivision at 16400 Log Lane. We are asking the Town to not grant any form of waivers, variances, cuts and fills or re-zoning resulting in the development of this single-family lot.

This proposed subdivision is a major safety issue. Much more traffic would be exiting from Log Lane, which is a very steep/short driveway to one house and cannot safely handle heavier traffic. It is at the mid-point of one of the steepest streets in the town, with a speed limit of 35 mph. Golden Eagle is the major artery into Town for the entire northwest quadrant.

“One item we have noted is that, under the Town’s current ordinance, Paradox Dr. and Log Lane are too close together and do not provide the proper street intersection offset,” per John Wesley, director of development service. The Town should not compound this unsafe situation by increasing the vehicle traffic by 12 times.

Please make the safety of walkers, bikers and motorists the town’s top priority! For safety issues alone, this proposal should be disallowed by the Town.

This development is on a very steep/narrow ridge and would most likely require many ordinance and zoning revisions, be in violation of hillside disturbance rules, require many special cut and fill waivers and be the cause of future soil erosion. It presents difficulty meeting road frontage, lot size and set-back requirements.

Any extension of Log Lane would require severe cuts and scarring of the steep ridge that the current house sits atop. As a town we need to protect, not destroy, our natural beauty! If this development is allowed, it will negatively impact the property values of 37 adjacent residences. There should be no variances of any kind. Zoning is to protect our residents and our town.