The developers tell you all about themselves but forget to tell you that they do not live in Fountain Hills. Instead, they both choose to live in Paradise Valley where you could not do anything like develop a multi-family, restricted and unrestricted rental complex in their town. (See PV General Plan)

The developers tell you it is consistent with the General Plan but at this time there are at least 13 variances and zoning changes that would need to be approved to have it in compliance with the General Plan.

The developers tell you they will give Fountain Hills a sustainable revenue source. There is not a sustainable revenue source until they have the apartments rented. Check out Park Place, the white elephant in Fountain Hills that does not even fit in with the architecture and was not developed as promised.

There were all kinds of promises of revenue and commercial endeavors that were told to the council and commission. At this point only one shop exists presently at the bottom of Park Place and vacancies still abound in the apartment complex. How many times do the residents of Fountain Hills and the Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission need to be fooled?

The developers tell you there will be $43 million and $20 million in consumer spending and employment revenue for the town? There is not $20 million worth of available employment in Fountain Hills at this time, nor will there be; at the best of times, 400 people living at Daybreak who may work. Remember one third of it is 55-plus. Living that close to Scottsdale, where do you think they will shop, eat and probably work? Scottsdale. There goes the revenue to Scottsdale!