I am struck by the absolute irony of our town government. In the February retreat they discuss allowing detox facilities in our commercial zoning districts, including C-1. It was quite obvious no one has direct experience with one of these. I have, and no good can come of it.

Whether it be sub-acute outpatient or acute inpatient, you don’t want these individuals anywhere in this town. John Wesley termed them medical facilities, opening the door for allowing them, then acknowledges the possibility of people hanging in the parking lot while they wait, which they do. That’s really good for business! I can tell you that they take up permanent residence in the surrounding areas, including residential; homeless, as it were.

Now this came up because some realtor was presumably willing to sell out the town for a buck. I am hopeful it was not a Fountain Hills realtor. While everyone in town was asleep, they were going to consider allowing this at the May 18 meeting, except that a few of us woke up and it has been pulled, for now.

Here is the irony. At the April meeting, our economic development director presented what he’s working on and the goals for the town. He’s trying to make Fountain Hills a destination for folks from other areas of the Valley to come and enjoy our fine town, dine, shop, hike, bike, sightsee. That would work out really well in our commercial districts if detox facilities are allowed. If you are a business in town, you better make sure the Chamber has your back. I can assure you the negative impact will be severe. No detox facility anywhere in Fountain Hills!

They also discussed homeless shelters. All I can say on that one is, “If you build it, they will come.”