Have Democrats taken any of the 6 million jobs created by President Trump? Are any in the unions that have their pension funds invested in the stock market, or have 401Ks, IRAs, children’s college funds enjoying the $11 trillion increases under President Trump?

Do Democrats own any small businesses that have benefited from the removal of countless business-killing regulations? Did they take any of the jobs from almost 200 manufacturing companies that have returned to our country because President Trump is making us business-friendly again?

VP Biden and his party got four Pinocchios for lying about the Republican tax plan. The mistruth was when the VP said only the rich got the tax breaks. His party said the plan would raise taxes on most of the middle class. Washington Post fact-checkers call this lying. Truth is that 82 percent of all tax payers have benefited from the plan. It can’t help the people in the six overtax states. All they can do is move.

VP Biden is now trying to sell he is a changed man. He started his campaign with an apology tour. Anita Hill will never forgive him for how he trashed her life for political gain. He is on the record as being against gays in the military and against prison reform to reduce sentences. He does not want any affiliation with his eight years with President Obama. Another lie, he was always labeled the most liberal congressman.

He is now saying he wants to bring back our values – really? Just ask the seven women, I believe all Democrats, how he improperly touched them. Recently he joked about it. Stripes on the tiger do not go away, they just get wider. I chose my values, not the government. The platform for the Democrats in 2020?