“Daybreak.” Nice-sounding name, bad project for Fountain Hills.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, the Fountain Hills Planning and Zoning Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. in the Community Center next to Town Hall. Will they bless out-of-town developers’ plan to blade, infill and destroy the beautiful land at the corner of Shea and Palisades in order to erect a 400-unit, three-story, multi-family apartment complex?

These Daybreak developers purpose to dump all traffic from their project onto Palisades, overwhelming the intersection with massive congestion. Fountain Hills already has enough empty apartments and Daybreak is certainly no luxury development! The Palisades/Shea entrance to Fountain Hills is pristine; why would we ever want to cheapen our community with this type of rental eyesore?

Planning and Zoning must reject Daybreak on the Sept. 12, then Town Council says yes or no. Call Mayor Dickey and Council members at 480-816-5100 with the message, “No more apartments; no to Daybreak,” and make your voice heard at the P&Z meeting on Sept. 12.