The Planning and Zoning Commission will be meeting on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 6 p.m. in the Fountain Hills Community Center to vote on the rezoning of the parcel of land at the corner of Shea and Palisades Blvds. from lodging to multifamily use to accommodate the Daybreak development.

Daybreak is an apartment complex consisting of 270 multifamily unrestricted units and multifamily restricted consisting of 130 units for 55 and older with the possibility of 30 units used for assisted living. Since the announcement in February 2019, of this development, local residents, as they have become aware of the many issues associated with this project (i.e. additional traffic, 40-foot high buildings, one building 600 feet long, limited parking, etc.) have made their concerns known to the P&Z, the Town Council members, Mayor Dickey and Town Manager Grady Miller. Our residents have also written many letters to the editor and taken out ads in The Fountain Hills Times to communicate our objections to the project, in its current form.

This property was originally zoned as residential until 1998 when it was rezoned to lodging; at that time there was little or no objection as there was no FireRock, Palatial Estates, Westridge Village, Summit and Crestview. So when the rezoning signs went up the only folks affected were the coyotes, quail, rattlesnakes, rabbits and ground squirrels that called these 60 acres their home. There was little objection from those local residents; how things have changed in 21 years!

I hope the folks of Fountain Hills will join us on Sept. 12 to express their opinion on Daybreak. Make you voices heard, for or against. Daybreak is Park Place on steroids, but it is not too late to get the “correct development” on this awesome gateway to Fountain Hills.