Have we not learned a lesson by the building of that multi-colored monstrosity on the Avenue of the Fountains? I cringe every time I see it.

I’m writing in support of the letter of July 24 by Steve Killingsworth and also the recent ad by the Westridge Village HOA. Now another embarrassing project is being considered for addition to Fountain Hills, the development of Daybreak looms on the horizon. Please stop ruining beautiful Fountain Hills. How about focusing on the multitude of unoccupied business rentals (another embarrassment) in our town, some like the empty KFC building. Actually, how many (Two?) are occupied in the complex on the Avenue of the Fountains?

Ross is long gone, as are many smaller business facilities. Instead of Daybreak, how about day and night serious attempts to fill these empty locations? Fountain Hills residents, please speak out as strongly against the Daybreak development as you did against the lagoon disaster and property taxes!