Daybreak: Defile our beautiful, timeless, rolling desert ridges and canyons, shaped by nature and studded with majestic, green saguaros and carpeted with golden, natural desert landscape?

Destroy our spectacular wilderness views of range after range to the horizon, across the Verde and Salt River Valleys, and replace them with hundreds of multi-story apartment boxes?

Cut off the top of a beautiful and subtly rounded ridge and make it square, then fill in the adjacent, wild canyons with the excavated spoils?

Unload many hundreds of additional vehicles daily onto East Palisades, clogging traffic flow and forcing construction of a potentially dangerous intersection?

For what? So a developer can make money? Never!

Realize that any occupants of these boxes will be going to Scottsdale to spend their money, not downtown Fountain Hills.

Town Council: Stick with the General Plan. No more greedy zoning changes or exceptions. We are already stuck with one giant monstrosity, forever uglifying our beautiful desert town due to that type of wrong thinking and action.