Wow, here we go again. Town Council, listen up: The objection to the Daybreak project by the town’s citizens is not about zoning! It is about that use at that location, period. Allowing that project to go through there would be “covenantbreak,” the Town’s breach of its covenant with the people who live here in favor of people who don't.

Changing the zoning in order to accommodate that use at that location results in much the same thing the Planning and Zoning Board rejected. Such high-density population and the certain traffic mess it will create at our only practical, already high-traffic exit to Scottsdale is much of the objection.

Other objections center on the character of the town. Driving from Scottsdale to Fountain Hills showcases our views and our hills. Who wants the first impression of the town to focus on a high-density housing project? That is not what caused most of us to locate here. We did not come here because we wanted to be Scottsdale or Mesa. They were available if we had wanted that, probably at lower cost.

We located here because of the town’s beauty and quasi-rural character at the fringes of a megalopolis. We liked the quiet, the dark skies and the ease of getting around. That we had to go to Scottsdale for a million restaurant choices, movies, medical, shopping, etc. was a price we were willing to pay. We still want that character.

If you want to rezone that land, rezone it to be R1-43. That will complement the town and fit its character.