Regarding the massive Daybreak apartment complex proposed for Shea and Palisades, this large tract of land was initially platted for a luxury resort/hotel. Today, developers of this 49-acre rolling desert parcel are proposing something entirely removed from that initial platting. They are seeking waivers, massive land disturbance and ridicules density in what today is primarily a high-end, gated community area and one of the most beautiful gateways into our town.

In order to accomplish the Daybreak vision, over 50 feet deep natural arroyos need to be in filled, rolling desert hillsides bladed into a flat surface upon which the three-story units will sit in all their architectural ugliness. Further, the only egress into the project will be two drives dumping hundreds of cars onto Palisades and clogging up the intersection of Palisades and Shea.

Their box-like garage buildings on the Palisades perimeter appear to be small airplane hangars, or something one would expect to see in an industrial park. The 400 units are to be studio, two- and three-bedroom units, with rents in the $1,500 per month range. The average rent in the Phoenix area is $1,200, so these so-called luxury apartments, so named by the developer, are certainly not that.

Heaven knows we already have enough empty apartments on the Avenue of the Fountains! Why in the world would Fountain Hills want to dumb down their brand by building more ugly, lower-priced housing? This down-branding and the accompanying diminished value to our properties is not necessary.

Make your voices heard; not every Council member is in support of this project.