How is it determined that turning right on red from Palisades Blvd. to Shea Blvd. is so unsafe that it needs to be restricted, but exiting the proposed 55-plus community of Daybreak to turn left onto Palisades across three northbound lanes (including a turn lane into The Summit at Crestview) and two fast and blind southbound lanes to the traffic light at Shea is safe and needs no traffic control?

To help visualize, imagine if there was no traffic signal at Palisades Blvd. and Shea Blvd. at all. Imagine what would happen if you wanted to turn left from Palisades onto Shea with no dedicated signal to facilitate that turn. Limited visibility on your left from that hillside. Limited visibility to the right from that hillside. Go!

This is the reality that developers of Daybreak would be giving us. They are creating a hazardous road condition and five members of our town council are signing off on it.

Who will pay to fix the intersection after someone is hurt or killed? The developer? Nope. The Town of Fountain Hills? Yup. Daybreak will not generate millions of revenue for the town, only more legal exposure and financial burdens.

Please vote no on Prop 427 and 428.