I am a resident of Fountain Hills. Across the street from Town Hall, the new construction of rental homes named The Havenly is proceeding. A new pedestrian crossing has been constructed on East Avenue of the Fountains alongside the entrance to both Havenly and the town center, duly installed by contractors.

The crossing features flashing signals that are activated by the pedestrian wishing to cross the street by pushing a button on the signal post. It is solar powered, with a panel located at the top. Unfortunately, the signal that was installed just outside the entrance gate does not work due to the solar panel being obstructed by a large tree, and which the contractors must have failed to notice when installing.

I understand this does not concern most of the readers at all. However, like myself, many enjoy walking and depend on the pedestrian crossing to navigate the town safely. Needless to say, the flashing pedestrian signal is extremely important for all our safety.

Soon, Havenly will open its doors and Fountain Hills will experience a considerable influx of pedestrians, many of whom will be using this pedestrian crossing. Therefore, it is crucial that this particular crossing is in complete working order. At what point will the responsible party take action and have the signal working again? I have contacted the Town and was told the contractor, which was hired by Havenly, that installed the signal is supposed to be attending to the failed signal. It has been several months since its installation and immediate failure. Young, old and infirm are all in danger.

Can we please get this fixed before another pedestrian is killed or injured?