Our vote for the Daybreak project is a resounding no due to the crony politics infesting the Town Council. In particular, the “Gang of 5” council members who voted for the development.

Crony politics is defined as the practice of awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or colleagues and between politicians and special interest groups. For the Daybreak project, crony politics appears to be the modus operandi which caters to the developer.

In our opinion, there has been extensive crony politics taking place for the benefit of the Daybreak project and the developers. This is supported by the Gang of 5 Town Council members being tone-deaf to the numerous constituents against the project and ignoring the unanimous recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission to reject the development. We can’t think of an example where the Gang of 5 was acting on behalf of constituents when it comes to the Daybreak project.

Crony politics is a slippery slope which can lead to abuse of power, conflict of interest and a host of other anti-constituent behaviors. Typically, crony politics are to the detriment of constituents which, in our opinion, is the case regarding the Daybreak project. Our government officials must be independent of crony politics and held accountable to best represent constituents. In our opinion, the Gang of 5 has completely failed this important mission.

By voting no to Props 427 and 428, we can send a strong message to the Gang of 5 in our Town Council as well as the Daybreak developer: NO to crony politics!