This election, without exception, is the most critical one in my lifetime. Around our town mostly Republican candidates’ political signs have been destroyed, removed or vandalized. These signs are our freedom of political expression and the destruction of them says volumes about those who take such action.

I have also noticed that in the case of the Democrats, no signs, radio commercials, TV spots or candidate materials identify them as a Democrat! Here are the Democratic candidates who would fool you into believing they are something they are not, beginning with the presidential ticket of Biden/Harris, Mark Kelly for Senate, Congressional District 6’s Tipirneni, the trio of Corporation Commission candidates headed by Bill Mundell, Kurland running for LD-23 House, Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone, County Elections Officer Fontes, and others all falsely portraying themselves as independent-minded candidates, leading voters to believe they are Independents and not Democrats!

Here are the Republicans who should be elected: President Donald Trump, Senator Martha McSally (three of Kelly’s fellow astronauts endorsed her), three Corporation Commissioners including O'Connor, Olson and Sloan, Jerry Sheridan for Sheriff, Richer for County Elections, David Schweikert, our incumbent congressman; and critical to control of the Arizona House is electing Joseph Chaplik and John Kavanagh.

One other point, it’s not the Republicans who are advocating defunding the police, only the Democrats. Republicans from Trump on down are standing tall for law and order.