How come there are two Fountain Hills Times articles which announce in detail and hence promote the candidacies of Arpaio and Sheridan, with nary a word about the incumbent, Penzone?

Arpaio demonstrates abject disloyalty in jumping in after his long-time chief deputy, Sheridan, had announced; he also falsely claims that he seeks “re-election” while not the incumbent. His support comes principally from out-of-state, far-right institutional donors, not from those in this county, let alone from Fountain Hills, which joined in his sound defeat four years ago.

Sheridan gave tacit approval to the illegal policies which got Arpaio convicted in federal court, by remaining at his side in the number two spot for six years instead of leaving.

Yes, they both live here in town; so what? Penzone, meanwhile, heads the in-town agency which actually provides our law enforcement services. By all accounts both he and those under his command have done a good job, happily without quest for the limelight which was exhibited every day by his predecessor. Sheriff Penzone has often appeared here to speak in public forums without regard to the prevalent opposition politics in Fountain Hills.

The other two are in a primary fight while Penzone obviously is not. Publicizing their activities with no mention of his still provides whichever one prevails with an undue voter recognition advantage, particularly with the general election only about three months away.

Unbiased coverage is necessary and now requires an article featuring Paul Penzone, the one actually running for re-election!

Editor’s note: As noted in this letter, Arpaio and Sheridan are in the midst of a primary challenge. As has always been our practice, Penzone will be given as much opportunity to address voters in The Times as his eventual opponent when the General Election draws near.