Unfortunately for us as Fountain Hills taxpayers, the capital costs of the Sanitary District well upgrade project just increased by more than $9,000 in legal fees and employee man-hour costs as a result of the two June letters candidate Shelstrom wrote to Dana Trompke in opposition to the project. This is the same Shelstrom who now wants you to vote him to a position on the Sanitary District Board to save all of us money in district operating costs.

As we learned in last week’s Times article, Shelstrom wrote two letters in June to the district for which district’s counsel described as “threatening and a misrepresentation of the facts.” Regarding both letters, Shelstrom told The Times, “You have to do something wrong to apologize…I did nothing for which to apologize.”

I agree with district’s counsel, Shelstrom should apologize, but most importantly to the residents of Fountain Hills for all the additional direct and indirect legal and employee costs that we are now encumbered with. These non-budgeted expenses have become additional capital project costs that we all must pay.

The election of three sanitary district board members this month is about experience and certainly character. Vote for three candidates. I will vote for the incumbents, Butler, Maroon and Thomson. Select candidates one, three and four on your ballot.