We do need more safe pedestrian crossing on our streets. There is no doubt about it. The problem with our town administration is that they do not know how to write contracts.

See the following: Public Works Director Justin Weldy told the council staff took bids from contractors it has Job Order Master Agreements with. The lowest bid came from Vincon Engineering Construction in the amount of $386,100. Staff has included an owner’s allowance of $38,610 for unforeseen issues, making the total approved by council of $424,710.

Giving contractors an automatic 10 percent more in profit for a contract that was bid on is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Contractors know what their costs are and should be held to the bid price for the contract. Allocating 110 percent is a misuse of funds. This practice should be curtailed immediately.

Editor’s note: For clarity, the owner’s allowance is not paid as part of the initial contract amount. These funds are only utilized in the event of unexpected costs and unforeseen circumstances.