In the upcoming primary, I’ll be voting for Joseph Chaplik for representative. He’s a pro-Trump, pro-constitution go-getter with a strong record of success in his life. He’s full of energy and as fit physically as he is intellectually for the position.

Republican opponents, in a shameful misrepresentation of his past, tell us that he’s got a criminal record because, as a young man, he forged an ID to get into a bar. Gee, ever heard of a young man or adolescent doing anything as heinous as that before?

They tell us that as a landlord he denied some Black people their civil rights. Anyone in property management of multi-family dwellings knows that in many states, such charges are routine; a shakedown. Landlords usually settle out of court because even though the defendant would likely win the case, the cost of settlement is less than the legal costs of proving innocence.

Parking tickets? Really? We’re clutching at straws here. Somehow replaced a woman on the ticket? What? Are they telling us that gender matters to them? Isn’t that “sexist?” Then, they have called him a tax cheat, knowing that the taxes were paid.

These people don’t sound like conservatives to me. They sound as if they have taken the Washington D.C. Democrat playbook and brought it to this campaign. They act as though the last thing that they want in our legislature is a true conservative, as well as a champion of liberty – two things in short supply today.

I’ve been told that 75 percent of the Arizona legislature’s Republicans sponsored the National Popular Vote measure, which strikes down the Electoral College, the heart of our republic. If that is true, I want a corresponding number of Joseph Chapliks to campaign against them.