The developers say they had 170 signs stolen. Truth: Smart Development Fountain Hills PAC, who had the “no” signs, lost approximately 150 signs. And the actual percentage was more than the developers.

The developers say they are going to provide millions to the town. Truth: The “millions” are going into their pockets, not the town’s. And the number is not $2.2 million over 10 years, but $1.2 million.

The one developer says, “Not one single person has done more for Fountain Hills than I have.” (Jeremy Hall). Truth: He has damaged more beautiful areas of Fountain Hills with his developments. And dozens of people in this town have done far more than he ever has.

The developer said there is no blind corner for the exit for the 55-plus, per his study. Truth: Another study done by Christopher Jones says there is a blind corner. And it will cause a serious accident or fatality someday.

The developers say the resort had five stories. Truth: It had three stories with penthouses on the top and only seven buildings, unlike 23 in Daybreak; and only 233 units vs. 400 apartments.

The developers say they have enough parking. Truth: There is not enough parking. The zoning ordinance stated 19 percent more was needed overall. And the 55-plus, 600-foot apartment only had 76 spaces for 100 units.

The developers say they are garden apartments. Truth: Three-story buildings cannot be called garden apartments. And 13 building waivers from our zoning ordinances and General Plan are too much.

The Consequences are we lose a pristine part of Fountain Hills, there will be very little revenue to the town and we are stuck with another multi-colored elephant at the western gateway to our community.