Concerns with Daybreak. First and foremost, it does not follow many of the goals of the General Plan of Fountain Hills. Please read carefully the changes requested in Daybreak PAD Application #2, available by public request from the Town Hall Planning and Zoning Department. Sadly, the third submittal addressed few of these concerns.

Second, the danger of the proposed entrance/exits for this community could endanger lives and possibly cause fatalities in the way Palisades is designed. There is a blind corner at Valley Vista that is bad enough now to cross with two lanes of traffic. With this development there would be cars trying to cross three lanes on a blind corner along with cars entering from across the street. It will create even more traffic on an extremely busy street and intersection and there will be many more cars with Adero Canyon and the CopperWynd expansion on Palisades.

Third, rezoning this property could change the complete feel of Fountain Hills for all those entering this beautiful town and for those living here on a daily basis. It could be built somewhere else so as to not obstruct the magnificent views and aesthetics of the town that would be sacrificed with buildings that don’t even blend into the environment.