I was extremely concerned when three of the six letters in last week’s Times continued to spread the false Trump narrative that Democrats and Pelosi committed crimes by impeaching him! There’ve even been accusations of treason (punishable by death) by both the president and his acolytes. That’s outrageous!

When Trump rails against Pelosi and the Democrats – claims the investigation was a witch hunt, his phone call was “perfect,” the “deep state” is out to get him, publicly asks China and Ukraine to investigate his rival, Biden, and constantly tries to uncover the whistleblower’s protected name so he can defame and punish him as well – it’s a very chilling response for a president to make to a legal and required action of the House of Representatives, a co-equal branch of government.

Nixon resigned, Clinton testified under oath about his affair with an intern, but Trump refused to even acknowledge he did anything improper, instead resorting to the personal demonization of his accusers, stonewalling on testifying or letting others do so, and spreading his trademark untrue conspiracy theories in an effort to paint himself as the victim. Remember birther, crooked Hillary, Pizzagate, Deep State and one begun by Putin, that Ukraine – not Russia – interfered in our election. All false. This is his modus operandi. He spins his own version of reality with such outrage and repetition that it’s believed and spread widely by his supporters.

There were eyewitness accounts, from highly respected foreign service professionals, all corroborating the whistleblower and each other. Republicans were welcome in the so-called secret meetings and Trump’s testimony was requested but denied. Then, 700 legal scholars called for Trump’s removal. The impeachment was fair.

For his followers to spread the false rants of a desperate man as truth, in our local paper, is dangerous. Truth matters in Democracies!