I have lived in Fountain Hills for over 28 years and wondered, at the time, if we really needed a Community Center. Over time I have found myselfgoing to the center more and more for one thing or another, and I really feel it is one of our town’s foremost locations and that there probably is a need to polish it up a bit.

It might appear that the lobby is overlarge, considering our needs, but we must consider its value as a place for small exhibits like the clock show and other similar events. It serves well for the community business fairs held most years, and at Christmas time the decoration displays and the miniature train display is priceless. It also serves well as a gathering point for major events in the ball room(s).

No, it is not used every day and perhaps there are more things we could do with the space, but it serves its purpose well and we should not mess with it. Paint and spruce up? Sure. Add on to the building for a dedicated space more suited for things like yoga or Pilates? Sure, and maybe even ballroom dance instruction! Why not?

The place is a fantastic feature in and for the town. Leave it be. Add, but don’t take away!