I have lived in Fountain Hills with my family for almost 20 years and love this town, the schools, the community and its breathtaking beauty. It is important to me that we continue to build an amazing place to live, together! It takes hard work and it takes cooperation and education to do this. Please vote yes on both initiatives on your ballot.

I have seen so many pieces of misinformation on social media and it is very concerning that our community is not relying on facts or seeking out accurate information regarding our school district when considering such important issues that impact our students, teachers, staff, parents and homeowners in Fountain Hills. This should not be a divisive issue, but one that unites us as a community toward a common goal of being a better place to live. So, here are some important facts to consider.

These initiatives continue funding our schools. They are not new initiatives, they are renewals. Your tax rate will not increase.

These overrides fund all-day kindergarten, student transportation, classroom technology and teacher pay, among many other critical items. It is challenging, if not impossible, for our small school district to operate on the funds provided by the state. If these overrides do not pass, FHUSD will have to cut $1.3 and $750K from its budgets.

It is a blessing to families that live here to have FHUSD educate our children locally. It is also beneficial to property owners – did you know one of the most influential amenities impacting a buyer’s decision to purchase a particular home is its proximity to good schools?

Please vote yes, yes. Reach out for more information if you don’t have all of the facts. Go to fhusd.org/Override-Election or you can email me directly at TanaB@Fairwaymc.com.