As a resident of Fountain Hills for over 10 years, I enjoy taking bike rides from our home on Nicklaus Dr. down Saguaro Blvd. to the lake. After cutting down a side street I continue along the far side of the lake, then back along Saguaro.

Recently, I have experienced two incidents of drivers who don’t seem to understand that cyclists have the right of way on streets.

On the first incident I was in the left turning lane heading onto Saguaro. After literally sitting on my bike for less than a minute, the light turned green. The driver behind me honked, not patient enough for me to get my feet on the pedals.

On the second incident, the right-hand lane of the street on the far side of the lake was blocked off, so I had no choice but to ride my bike in the left lane. I was within minutes of getting in the turning lane onto Saguaro when a driver behind me honked twice! I’m not sure what he expected me to do but I was glad when the driver behind him yelled out his window, “Stop honking at her, you *expletive*!”

Drivers, please remember to practice common courtesy to bicyclists and pedestrians.