This year’s deadline has now passed for Fountain Hills citizens to apply to serve on several Town advisory boards and commissions. Members chosen to serve on the citizen commissions and boards provide critical input and expertise to elected officials and town staff, providing a third leg of the governance stool.

Here are three examples of Commissions: Planning and Zoning, which carefully scrutinizes proposed developments, assess zoning laws and provides the forum for citizen input on building and development matters. P&Z makes final recommendations to the mayor and council for their action.

Strategic Planning. Fountain Hills is land-locked, therefore it’s critical we make certain all plans for growth and quality of life include the highest and best use of our limited land and assets.

Community Services offers citizen input into the recreational aspect of our town, such as parks and other key recreational programs.

Kudos to those who have made the effort to step forward and apply to serve. We trust the process will be a fair and open one, and that new voices and fresh ideas are an important part of the selection criteria. Council members will make up the subcommittees established to interview applicants and their recommendations are then forwarded to the mayor for her determination. Citizens must have assurance the selection process is a fair and open one, free of any political considerations.

We all look forward to welcoming a new crop of our fellow citizens to serve as board and commission members.