How often has Fountain Hills, the Council’s decisions (for example Daybreak Case #Z2018-10) met with disapproval by its citizen electorate? In fact, that disapproval has forced the full vote of May 19, 2020. This special election is a critical vote. It is a question about our democracy itself.

Democracy is theory of government first announced 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece. At that time a novel notion stating, “People were to control actions of the state.”

Our present day modified version of democracy, adopted by our forefathers, is called representative democracy. And sad to say, sometimes that representative democracy does not abide by the will of the people. And sometimes that representative democracy is hijacked by lobbyists, special interest groups and, at times, by certain associated “pied pipers.”

Amendments to the General Plan – Prop 427 and Prop 428 – being voted upon are not necessary. Only special interests need those ordinances. Their claim, “Millions for the town,” does not state how long the town must wait and is more like immediate millions for themselves.

On May 19, 2020 make sure you have voted a resounding no on both Prop 427 and 428 and, by so doing, retain control as to the General Plan presently written.

One need not beg the council of five who accepted the developers’ plans, simply vote no on Prop 427 and 428.

The General Plan, as presently written for L-3 P.A.D. and OSR, is a plan decidedly advantaged for both the town and its citizens.