In 2013 the Dodgers clinched the National League West Championship at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona. After their win they proceeded to celebrate by jumping in the Chase Field swimming pool and unwittingly placed a 100-year baseball curse on the Dodgers’ franchise.

The Chlorine Curse has haunted them for the past seven years. They have been denied a World Series victory for seven great years. Then came 2020. The longest, most evil year the world has ever seen. Each second, each minute, each hour of each day was filled with fear, darkness and despair. Scientific evidence has confirmed that 2020 has, in real-time, been like 92 years.

It’s been devastating for most of us, but through some bizarre stroke of fate it’s proven to be a godsend for the Dodgers. 2020 has given them a once-in-a-millennium opportunity, an opportunity to, in essence, erase 92 years from the curse. Our hell has turned into a bizarre break for the Bums. They are the only people in the world who will forever look back at 2020 as the “best year” in their existence.

A year that has dragged on forever, devastated the world and has sadly ended the 100-year chlorine curse. Victory of sorts for the Dodgers, but a victory tainted with a feint smell and taste of chlorine.