If one were to gauge by Sept. 2’s Times opinions, it looked like open season on Republicans. It was especially chilling to read several letters attacking Congressman David Schweikert regarding his recent censure by the House of Representatives.

I would remind readers to consider this: The leader of that institution, with her majority-controlled House, is who railroaded a phony impeachment of our president and subjected the country to four years of bogus investigation of the Trump campaign. Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in Congress – whose party has painted a great big political bullseye on Arizona – would love to see the terrorists in our streets. Pelosi’s Congress is home to the likes of Socialist/Marxist AOC and her Squad, who would destroy America as we know it.

I would not trust the validity of any findings from this corrupt Congress on any matter. I’m sticking with and voting for Representative Schweikert. The one bright light in the opinions was a fine letter by Patrick Welch, who absolutely nailed the differences between the America-loving Republican Convention and where the Democrats would take us. The Democratic Convention could have doubled as the stage play, Les Miserables; gloom and doom everywhere.

If the virus and the violence in our streets haven’t already driven you to drink, watching the Democrats’ offering would probably push you over the edge. By comparison, the Republican Convention was upbeat, with honest presentations by real people; people of all races, cultures and experiences extolling America’s freedom and opportunity for all. Clearly, America-loving voters are not buying what Democrats are selling.