Congratulations, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale and Rio Verde, you got it right! You elected a newcomer, Joseph Chaplik, to the State House in 2020 to represent us here in legislative district 23.

Joseph won his primary, went on to win the General Election and barely two months later stepped onto the floor of the Legislature. A businessman with a young family, Joseph was taking on a lot. But he always does. We knew he would be a hard worker because that is how he became a successful businessman.

During the session he showed up, spoke truthfully to we citizens, told us what he was doing and here’s the outcome: He received a 100 percent conservative rating from the Centers for Arizona Policy, a pro-family, pro-life, school choice advocacy group; 100 percent ranking from the Free Enterprise Club, a pro-business conservative business policies group; and he also passed 100 percent of the bills he sponsored.

His voice was made known at the Arizona Legislature this year and we can expect even more leadership and support for conservative principles from Joseph in 2022. Check out his website for more information,