We can’t afford Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio has just cost Maricopa County taxpayers an additional $3.9 million in a settlement of claims that he and his officers defamed, illegally searched, illegally seized and illegally detained the owner of a restaurant while investigating the employees of the restaurant for proper citizenship in 2014. (Only $1.1 million of the $5 million settlement is covered by County insurance.)

“I was ready to go to court and go before a jury of my peers to testify,” said Arpaio, according to The Arizona Republic. How brave – of course Arpaio was ready to take it to court, since he was not personally on the hook for the settlement or attorney fees! Win or lose, it would be the citizens of Maricopa County who would be paying the bills.

Fountain Hills cannot afford to take the risk of putting this man into any public office, much less as the mayor and principal representative of our wonderful town.