As an experienced current member of the Sanitary District Board of Directors seeking re-election, I respectfully ask for your vote. I am #1 on your ballot. Also, please vote for #3 and #4, the other incumbents. (BMT becomes TMB on the ballot)

Diane and I came to Fountain Hills at the encouragement of Jackie and Jerry Miles 25 years ago. They also urged involvement in the community, which I immediately did. As a result of my volunteer activities, in 2011 I was inducted into the Lower Verde River Valley Hall of Fame. Currently, I am chair of the Senior Services Foundation, a Fountain Hills Community Foundation board member, and a pro bono attorney for the Senior Center.

In my past life, I was C.E.O. of a company that owned 18,000 acres of land 35 mile northwest of the George Washington Bridge. During the process of planning development of that land (75 percent to be kept as open space), one of our major challenges was wastewater treatment.

In 1999, there was a Sanitary Board opening. Bruce Hansen, with whom I was then serving on the Chamber of Commerce board, suggested I apply, and I was accepted. My public law experience as Chief Deputy City Attorney of Los Angeles didn’t hurt, either.

If re-elected, I will continue focusing on tough fiscal management keeping user fees in line with cost of living, keeping total property tax collections below their 2008-2009 level, maintaining adequate reserves and insisting on constant long-range planning for infrastructure renewal.

Please finish the arrows on you ballot for #1, #3 and #4. Why? To continue integrity, honesty and transparency on the Sanitary Board. Yes, experience matters!