I do not know Bob Shelstrom personally. The questions I am going to ask him are to seek truth and validation of the accusations he has been accused of making against Jerry Butler: Bob, do you question his integrity and honesty? Have you accused him of rigging a bidding process of a project at our Fountain Park? Have you also stated that Jerry Butler has been negligent in overseeing proper maintenance of the District’s assets? Last, did you accuse him of malfeasance, a Class 2 Misdemeanor?

If your answer to any or all of the above is “Yes,” where is the evidence? Can you or will you provide us voters with the facts that support your accusations that these things have actually happened? If you cannot provide any factional evidence or truth for your statements, what impression do you think you will leave the Fountain Hills voters in the upcoming Sanitary Board election?

I have lived in our town for 41 years. I started doing business with the Sanitary District in 1978. I have always found them and their employees, like Ron Huber and Tom Ward, to be the most helpful, efficient and small-town friendly. The cost of their services is unbelievably low. Most people have no idea how complicated the sewerage and treatment plant systems are. We simply flush, and then do not give a thought after that. Did you know if it wasn’t for the Phoenix Treatment Plant, there would be no Palo Verde Nuclear Plant? That’s where they get the water to make the steam that runs the plant.

If Bob has accused Jerry wrongly, I hope he remembers the Ninth Commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

I am voting for Jerry Butler, Michael Maroon, and Bob Thomson. They’ve done great jobs.