There has been considerable comment on local social media about the high number of business failures and the large number of vacant commercial properties in our town. The comments place the blame squarely on the Town Council. I strongly disagree with that criticism.

I submit that the council’s job is to create a healthy and viable image so that businesses will be attracted to and grow in Fountain Hills. It is rather like planning a garden; you need weed-free, fertile soil, ample water and predictable weather. It is up to the gardener to select the plants, apply the fertilizer and water, then harvest and market the crop.

The Town needs to provide appropriate zoning, financial stability and a solid infrastructure. It is up to the business operator to select the products that meet the needs of prospective buyers, advertise effectively and maintain access to the business. There can be no guarantees of success offered by the town. The ability to perform and provide a fertile business environment depends heavily on the shoulders of the citizenry and a willingness to pay to maintain it.

The present council is handicapped by the lack of reliable revenues which seriously affects the ability to maintain the streets and infrastructure, which an attractive business climate demands. This issue is readily ascertainable by any business who might consider locating in Fountain Hills. It is high time we got off our duff and support the council in its search for a solution to the revenue issue.