Buried in the final paragraph of an article in last week’s paper titled “Community Center projects” is the worst idea that has ever been presented for Town Council consideration: Elimination of the lounge and gathering space featured in the Community Center gallery.

The Community Center was designed to be and has most often been referred to as “The Jewel in the Crown” of our community. The spacious gallery, lounge and reception desk are all pivotal elements to carry forward that impression and image. The lounge is perhaps underutilized but, in fact, that is the beauty of it; just like the living room of your home. A wall in that space would be a complete and total ambiance killer.

Perhaps the second worst idea, also included in the same article, is putting an addition on the building to accommodate a fitness center! Here’s an idea: If more meeting space is needed, do that as a building addition and leave providing fitness centers to our anxious and willing business community.