Hey Joe, instead of delegating – or should I say abdicating? – your responsibility for the humanitarian and health hazard disaster at the border, tell us what your plan is going forward.

We know your mission was to get as many illegals into our country ASAP with your catch and release invitation, and the unsecure border is being invaded by illegals being aided by cartels who are getting richer with their human trafficking and drug smuggling operations. Bravo. Mission accomplished.

Now you add hundreds of thousands of illegals to your voting flock, many with COVID and other diseases common to their homeland. The biggest sin is the deplorable, inhumane conditions unaccompanied minors are barely surviving in. Leaked photos just released are disgusting and more inhumane than anyone could dare imagine. Are you going to detain them until they are old enough to vote?

Make no mistake about it, your party will throw you under the bus when your usefulness as their messenger expires.