Looks like the Dems are trying to blame Trump for the border crisis after denying it until they began suffocating in their own lies and deception and are now trying to play pass the blame game on an irrational conclusion based on a false premise.

The crisis at the border is obvious. It’s a result the hordes of illegals and bogus asylum seekers flooding our borders in multiple caravans not knowing or caring that our shelters weren’t equipped to handle the mass influx of illegal activity at the border.

The Dems are also responsible for the crisis for not fixing our broken immigration and asylum system, encouraging more piling on at the border because their starvation for votes and their driving thirst for power, greed and control over a mass of people who they feel will vote Democrat for years to come. Pelosi even tried to block humanitarian aid at the border because she’s afraid of the left-wing radicals who are now running, or should I say ruining, the Dem party and will continue with her inhumane agenda, desperately trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency and reelection and the real victims are the migrants at the border and the American people.

Now that we put a band aid on a bleeding tumor it’s time for the American people, regardless of party affiliation, to insist on securing our borders and fix our broken immigration and asylum laws in order to better serve the citizens of this country and valid asylum seekers.