Would you leave your country of origin without a passport or visa? No, you know better. And if you have a visa and overstay that visa, then expect to see how legal you are in any country in the world. You would not be legal, period. Without those credentials, you are illegal.

Legal immigration is another matter. It has rules, regulations and its laws. This is true of any country. So walk or fly into the U.S. without proper documentation and you are illegal. Stay illegally and you are in bureaucratic limbo; so too your progeny.

It is unreasonable to blame Border Patrol and ICE for doing their respective duties.

The Border Patrol responds properly, for the most part, even under assault by extreme numbers coming across the southern border illegally. Blaming border patrol is misplaced and really is a substitution of news sound bites for a difficult problem.

The “coyotes” fostering illegal immigration for money are at fault, not our border patrol.

Self-serving political positions taken by certain named U.S. Congress persons of both houses instigating against the Border Patrol is actively divisive.

Indigenous street gangs within Honduras and Guatemala, etc. visiting violence on their people are at fault, not our Border Patrol.

Over a million illegal, undocumented aliens, in this country, have received and exhausted their extensive and lengthy due process and have been judicially ordered deported. Yet, to this day, they remain illegally. Those would-be deportees thumb their noses in unison at our rules and our sovereignty and, for this, we should blame our Border Patrol and ICE? What abject nonsense!

Deport those million-plus intruders now, especially those that show criminal activity.