I give credit for moving here to the founding fathers and their vision for what Fountain Hills could become. They wanted Fountain Hills to be different from its neighboring towns; a unique place and destination.

I personally believe the majority of people who visit and move here is because they are willing to drive a little further out so they can live in a beautiful area with less hustle and bustle, crowds and noise, less traffic and concrete, more space and cleaner air and dark skies to enjoy actually seeing starry nights. They are willing to share Fountain Hills with existing wildlife that some people never have the opportunity to see.

Every day, residents of Fountain Hills have the privilege of seeing Four Peaks and the surrounding mountains, the Sonoran Desert with all its saguaros and other beautiful plants. We, the citizens of Fountain Hills, are so blessed to live here.

Please don’t let our main entrance to Fountain Hills, with its beautiful vista of saguaros, be destroyed, flattened and become 400 rental apartments with not enough parking spaces to accommodate them and a roundabout on Palisades, 600 feet from the corner of Palisades and Shea. Traffic is already backed up at times trying to turn left off Shea onto Palisades.

The rental apartments may or may not get properly and attractively built. There are so many unknowns. There may not be enough people or nearby job opportunities to even fill it even halfway. We sure don’t want a partially completed project long-term, then long-time “for sale” signs.

Please come to the Oct. 1 Town Council meeting and wear red supporting “No on the Daybreak project.”