In reference to the letter to the editor by Brian Reilly regarding President Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship. Reilly came to my office, August 2011, supported by 242 Tea Party representatives asking me by a signed letter indicating that Obama’s birth certificate was forged and asking me to look into the authenticity of the birth certificate. Reilly assisted my chief investigator when I initiated a five-year investigation of the birth certificate.

When I announced my investigation of Obama’s birth certificate I said that I could not care less where he was born since I was only investigating a fraudulent, fake and forged document. After an intensive five-year investigation including forensic examinations, there is no doubt the document is definitely not an authentic birth certificate.

Reilly is a political enemy constantly circulating fake news. Since The Fountain Hills Times decided to publish Reilly’s letter (Does Reilly really know anything about Fountain Hills?) I decided for the first time to respond because he made these statements in my hometown newspaper. I will not waste my time and ink responding to him again.