Hey Joe, what happened to your program of defeating COVID that was a big promise of your campaign? You promised to listen to the experts, follow the science and practice the CDC guidelines. Are we to believe that all of the above suggested opening our borders and allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and refugees from all over the world into our country and then releasing them to destinations unknown?

Do you not care that many of them could be infected with COVID or diseases common to their homeland or other diseases that we conquered decades ago and could infect the entire population? What is your motive?

I’d like to sum it up with a few versus from a song that was adopted by the illegal immigrants of America. The song is taken from an old cowboy classic titled “Don’t fence me in.” They tweaked the first verse a bit and created a new one of their own. “Give us your land, all your land, under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in. We come by land and by boat because the Dems need our vote. Don’t fence me in.”

Finally, are your executive orders reversing many of Trump’s achievements an act of selfish vengeance against a man you’re jealous of and despise, but the real victims of your delusional splendor are the American people? God bless America and we will prevail under His guidance sooner than you think.