The Democrats keep recycling through three ugly stages of big government: incompetence, indifference and corruption that has yielded the dissipation of our freedoms by over-regulation, political defiance for Constitutional norms that encourages unhealthy and amoral behavior. Look at any major inner city to verify these facts.

Democrats lie, fabricate, manipulate, break their own laws, violate our Constitutional rights and in unison chant “no one is above the law.” On a hysterical quest to acquire full, unchallenged control Democrats intend to prevail at any cost. The Democrats are no longer legislators, they are assassins with one unrelenting MO, destroy the enemy. All Americans suffer as Democrats reveal their inbred hatred and pursue their partisan coup attempts.

Socialism is the transformational change that liberal Democrats are selling. Socialism would grow government even bigger. Bigger means more incompetence, more indifference and more corruption. The diseased swamp will get bigger, sicker and filled with even more LOGS (lazy old gators).

The extreme alternative would be to place term limits across the entire spectrum of elected positions. That would be a significant transformational change, but it’s unlikely politicians will ever vote to censure themselves in that way. Political gigs are too lucrative.

Socialism forces top-down control by handing down rationed welfare programs to pacify the deplorable commoners. Bigger government is the Democrats disguised transformation into Socialism. America will never have enough wealth to be the checkbook that finances global Socialism.

The constitutional tools and processes America has used for 240 years remain viable today. Socialism intensifies the three stages of big government: incompetence, indifference, corruption, and then adds a fourth. Collapse has always been Socialism’s destructive fourth stage, why repeat it?

When elected officials betray us and fall prey to the three stages of big government, change the people, not the system.