Pearl Harbor was a big disaster. 9/11 was a big disaster that killed about 3,000 Americans. COVID-19 has killed over 300,000; it is a war that we have been losing. Our country has more of a disaster than any other in the world. We have not done a good job of fighting this war as a country, as a state or even as a town.

This should have nothing to do with what party you belong to. Both parties have good ideas, and both have made a lot of mistakes. But it seems like both parties hate each other more than they love their country. I have been in both parties. I am now Independent because of their behavior.

Are we such wimps that we won’t wear a mask because they are a little uncomfortable? How uncomfortable do you think it was for soldiers fighting in WWII or after 9/11? During WWII, people did not have TV to watch, football or basketball games and they made it through those times. I love sports, but letting professional teams and the kids’ soccer games bring people into our state to play is not as important as potentially causing deaths due to COVID-19. Even Fountain Hills allowed the art fair to occur in our town to help spread the virus.

By now, I’d think everyone knows this is a real war and masks help. If we start now, with the help of our behavior and vaccines, we can wipe out this deadly virus in 2021. Let’s work together.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.