I am a volunteer at the Scottsdale VA clinic that services upwards of 4,000 vets. My main responsibility is to encourage veterans to sign up for the online “My Healthy Vet” program, which is designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of benefits to our deserving veterans. It’s a great program with 70 percent of our veterans currently enrolled. My goal is to get 100 percent of them enrolled.

In doing so, I spent a great deal of time talking with our vets and their spouses while they are waiting for their scheduled appointments. During those discussions, I always mention that I live in Fountain Hills. The overwhelming response is, “Wow, that is such a beautiful place. We love driving into Fountain Hills, the scenery is amazing. The rolling hills, the washes, the saguaros, the communities; it is just awesome.”

My point here is that we need to keep it that way. The proposed Daybreak development at the intersection of Shea and Palisades will destroy that “beautiful place” perception forever. Not only is Daybreak a big concern to the adjacent neighbors, but also a huge concern for all of us living in Fountain Hills.

Just think of it! What people entering our town from the west would see is a 400-apartment complex consisting of 25 buildings crammed into a small plot of land slightly larger than 20 acres. The rolling hills will be gone, the magnificent saguaros gone, the washes gone, the wildlife gone; our town’s image gone!

Come to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Sept. 12 and let our local officials know that the entire town opposes this disastrous development. Let them know that all of us want to keep Fountain Hills a beautiful place.