Our lockdown world sometimes produces grumpiness and meanness, but it also can bring out better natures.

Last Friday at the hardware store, my husband lost his new hearing aid as he was stepping into the car. There was nothing, but soon, there was a group of men searching with him. They were passersby who noticed that there was a problem when someone was kneeling on the ground. The hearing aid was not found, but we are grateful for the help these strangers offered.

Now for the happy ending. We left and went straight to our Allstate insurance office across the way. Agent Jim Clarkson said we were not covered for a lost hearing aid; however, he offered to search our car one more time. Tucked away down in the seat, he found the aid. He just dug deeper than my husband.

Hearing aids are really costly and our gratitude is great. It’s nice to know that there are some wonderful gentlemen in our town.