Lady Liberty does indeed weep today for the fallen, of course, but mostly for her America which has been betrayed at the highest levels.

Everything that makes America what it is has been sold out by mortals who care only for their own interests. This administration, headed by a man who should never have been president, has forever put a shameful face on America, broadcasting our fecklessness where our honor and word counts for nothing.

This Democratic Party, power-mad administration is like a three-legged stool; one leg controlled by Nancy Pelosi, the other leg lorded over by Senator Schumer and the third the Biden leg. They own this latest mess, Afghanistan, and all the broken pieces of crockery they have presided over in the past eight months.

The party is more than just these three individuals, roughly 274 Representatives and Senators are Democrats or caucus with them. Any congressional Democrat who can stand with this “three-legged stool” Biden administration deserves to be run out of office. Any Democrat who is disgusted, disillusioned or demoralized by the actions of Team Biden needs to join with congressional Republicans and demand accountability, house cleaning and a swift report to the American people on what happened and who authorized the Afghanistan mess, followed with articles of impeachment against Biden for high crimes.

Finally, Democrats who love America once and for all need to tell the Squad, Nadler, Schiff and Speaker Pelosi they will no longer follow their lead and Pelosi must step down. If Democrats can do these things, they might be able to rescue a semblance of dignity and restore integrity for the Democrat brand down the line.