Mr. Dover, I work in an emergency room in Phoenix. Despite the number of people coming in who are COVID+, I am still no expert on this illness. I meet new people, from all walks of life, with unique life experiences and individual health concerns. Indeed, we each see the world through the lenses of our past experiences and current circumstances.

“Stay safe.” Surely it is said with only the best of intentions. I also wish people to be safe. ER visits are often the outcome for people who have not, “stayed safe.” Healthcare provides my perspective regarding being “safe.”

Is your post a response to something other than people wishing you well? I do not seek to change your mind regarding COVID, facemasks, the value of politics or of “thriving.” Keep your perspectives. May they continue to serve you well. I do ask you to remember that your friends and neighbors are all doing their best to navigate the ongoing changes that we are facing. You may not need this reminder. If this is so, I owe you an apology. I’m sorry. However, your letter belies this. You are not alone in your disgruntlement, but your letter has given life to that which does not need restating.

There may be a fine line between being fearful and being careful. Accordingly, we each must decide how we will live our lives. I am well-acquainted with the sequelae of people’s lived decisions. I do my best to remember that my own choices have the power to affect others. The key is to walk the line that does the least harm to others, and possibly even does some good. That is what it means to be a town resident and a citizen of this great nation. Don’t you agree?