The Planning and Zoning Commission overwhelmingly voted against Daybreak. It now goes to the town council on Oct. 1 for the final vote. Hopefully the town council will listen to the commission’s advice as well the 300-plus citizens from all parts of Fountain Hills who came to the commission meeting to voice their opposition to Daybreak, which would be the largest apartment complex ever built in Fountain Hills. Plus, it has only a 25-foot setback from Palisades, the busiest and most-traveled street/truck route in Fountain Hills. There are many reasons why Daybreak is a bad idea.

1. The proposed roundabout will be around 500 feet from the intersection of Shea and Palisades. It will be a two-lane roundabout with not just Palisades traffic, but cars exiting onto the roundabout from Daybreak and Summit at Crestview residents. Accidents will happen.

2. It destroys the topography by leveling a hill and infilling 57 feet.

3. The current zoning for a resort hotel should stand. The CopperWynd expansion makes another hotel more viable and would bring in at least three times more tax money than Daybreak.

4. The developer’s plan needs at least 13 variances from the General Plan and zoning regulations.

5. Rezoning the adjoining 59 acres will allow more multi-family structures to be built in addition to Daybreak.

6. It is just plain wrong to jam rental apartments and boxy garages on land surrounded by low density, single family homes.